PRS Archon 50 High-Gain Tube Amp

PRS Guitars introduces the Archon 50, the smaller sibling of the Archon amp, operating at 50 or 25 watts.

PRS Archon 50

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This new release follows up on the success of the original 100 watt version, it is a tamer alternative that is designed to appeal to a wider pool of players that play other musical styles.

Like the original, the new Archon 50 comes with a built-in power attenuator that lets the amp operate at 50 or 25 watts, depending on what you set the back panel switch to. This lower operating wattage allows the amp to break up at lower volumes, resulting in more classic sounding overdriven tone.

While the louder Archon features four 6L6GV power tubes and six 12AX7 preamp tubes, this new iteration has an added option of using EL34 tubes for the power section. This option gives the Archon 50 a different voicing.

The official description says, “6L6 tubes offer plenty of versatility and warmer, more balanced tone across the full range of frequencies. They will also push with less saturation for a bit of a sweeter, smoother tone. EL34 tubes offer focused, tight, punchy gain. They run a little hotter, distort earlier, and deliver a wider range of overdriven, crunch tones that are great for rock distortion.”

PRS Guitars Acoustic and Amplifier Manager Jon Croft, says “The Archon 50 is a high gain heavyweight and breathes fire like the Archon 100 watt. You can push the 50’s power amp to get some power amp clip for that classic feel and we’re really excited about how the lower wattage translates on the “clean” side. This is where the power amp clip shines. Crank it up and it brings to mind the classic rock tones of yesteryear. Switch it down to half power mode to 25 watts and enjoy all that tube goodness.

Check out the official video demo:

Other features include:

  • Front mounted Volume/Treble/Middle/Bass/Master controls for each channel
  • Rear panel controls for the half power switch, impedance>
  • Bias jack terminals at the back panel
  • Footswitch control for channel switcing and loop bypass

The new Archon 50 is offered as an amp head like its bigger sibling, but new to this model is the availability of a 1×12 combo configuration. The combo amp version morphs the amp into a familiar and convenient package, and pairs it with a Celestion G12-75T speaker.

Croft elaborates, “We’ve added a 1X12 combo with a Celestion G12-75T speaker, for players looking for portability and who don’t need to push so much air. With the combo you’ve got a killer amp that you can use at home, in the rehearsal room or the clubs. If you need to move more air, you can run an extension cab off of the combo and it will give you all the bottom end that you need. Overall, the Archon 50 is just a fun amp to play. It’s versatile, sounds great and is inspiring to play.”

For more information and other details, head over to PRS Guitars.

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