PRS Guitars’ New Grab-and-Go Amplifier – The PRS 30 Combo

Described as an English sound with an American twist, PRS's newest amplifier package, the PRS 30 Combo, is the first 30-Watt cathode biased combo in a series of lower wattage amps. The series kicked off with the 16-Watt PRS Sweet 16 model earlier this year.

The new 30-Watt Combo features a quartet of EL84 tubes with a control layout similar to PRS's Dallas model and a 1 x 12 cabinet with ET65 WGS speakers. PRS 30 Combos are handmade in Stevensville, Maryland. Other features include reverb, bright switch, and a special master volume that is dialed out of the circuit as the amp's volume is at max setting.

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