PRS SE 30th Anniversary Custom 24

PRS Guitars introduce the SE 30th Anniversary Custom 24, a special commemorative version of one of their more popular and affordable models.

PRS SE 30th Anniversary Custom 24

This release is part of the company’s 30th anniversary celebration, joining other special releases that come from their various guitar lines.

The Paul Reed Smith SE line began in 2001, it signaled the company’s expansion into the more affordable price brackets. The guitars from this line spread the PRS brand to more players and helped build the brand’s presence worldwide by providing instruments that are more accessible. The SE line has since grown to include various electric, acoustic and bass guitar models that players of all skill levels are now using.

The company says, “The SE 30th Anniversary Custom 24 celebrates not only the anniversary of PRS as a whole, but the growth that has allowed PRS to partner with quality manufacturers overseas to build PRS-designed instruments to players at the most affordable levels.”

The SE Custom 24 in particular is the crowd favorite, being the more affordable version of the iconic PRS guitar model. So it was selected to have its own version of PRS 30th Anniversary version featuring commemorative inlays and a quilted maple veneer, resulting in a more premium looking instrument.

The core and specifications of the guitar remains the same as the regular SE Custom 24, including beveled maple top and mahogany back. The neck is crafted from maple and topped by a rosewood fretboard, carved into a wide thin profile. As the name implies, the guitar has 24 frets distributed over its 25″ scale length.

PRS Guitars equipped the SE 30th Anniversary Custom 24 with two coil-tappable humbuckers, an HFS treble for the bridge position and Vintage bass for the neck. These pickups are routed to a 3-way blade pickup selector, a volume knob and a tone knob. The guitar also comes equipped with a modern push/pull tone knob for split coil tones. This setup allows for a wider variety of PRS tones when compared to basic two pickup models.

The company concludes, “As always, the SE 30th Anniversary Custom 24 guitars that are sold in the US are individually inspected and play tested at the PRS Maryland shop prior to shipping.”

The new PRS SE 30th Anniversary Custom 24 is now available with a price tag of around $1050 and available in three finishes – Chestnut, Amethyst and Vintage Sunburst. Head over to PRS Guitars for further details.

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