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    Has anyone tried this Waves Paul Reed Smith Guitar Software?

    It got a too good to be true write up in some Guitar mag I checked out.



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      You can always spot the PRS sofware, the CD comes in a 10 top quilted case, with a rather nice amber burst with of course the bird inlay.
      And the case will always be more interesting than whats inside.
      And it will cost twice as much as it’s nearest rival software.

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      I bought it when it came out as I love PRS Guitars and Waves software.
      Unfortunately their marketing material was incorrect as it made no mention of the fact that the software will NOT work with Cakewalk Sonar, which I use for recording.

      And of course as it is ilok protected once the serial number details are downloaded onto your ilok (as you have to to try it!) they will not take it back and issue a refund.

      I thought I had a real problem here as the package is not cheap and I thought I was going to get stuck with something that is of no use to me through no fault of my own.
      However Waves told me that they were working on a Sonar compatible version, and I am waiting the update (impatiently) now. Apparently should be released towards the end of January 2006, so they have a day or two left!

      I have tried the software on a friends machine (he uses Cubase) and it seems pretty good. However until I give it a really thorough going over, would not like to say one way or the other.

      Hope this helps.

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      Sorry, but I’m not a PRS fan at all.

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