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    Ok I dont really know much about guitars, but I do own one. I recieved it about 17 years ago from a friend at church. No one I know has ever heard of the brand name and I was wanting to find out more about it. The name on the arm is Global it is acustic and small in size possibly a youth guitar. Inside the hole there is a label that reads Global Musical Instrument Co., LTD manufactures of Sorento, Nola, Bolero, Sonata and Torino quality guitars. This made me wonder if it was a spanish guitar, but again I know nothing about them. Please let me know if you have any information. I would really appericate it.

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      2818, glad you stopped by to post.

      Please don’t think I was snobby; I was just trying to be realistic in that an unknown acoustic won’t make much money on ebay. If it sounds good – it is good. IME, the more posts, the greater the chance that someone with a bit of inside knowledge will find the thread. 🙂

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      I wish i could help, but i came here for the same question kristy has.
      but here is what i do know,my father gave me his old guitar (global manu. of sorento, nola, bolero…….. it does have a sticker on it (made in korea). i know this global is at least 30 years old anyways. hope that helped

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      $30 is a bit harsh Bass, surely its got to be worth more than Mariah Careys latest CD? it might even turn out to be Willy Nelsons long lost 2nd guitar (identical to Trigger) called Frigger, you never know. 😆

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      Michael found more than I did, and I put the “search the search engines” engine on it. All I got was an unanswered “Can anyone tell me something about my Global Acoustic?” thread on another forum. Trouble is, acoustic guitars are churned out all the time with more brands than a multi-rustled cattle.

      If it’s made in Korea (and, being >18 y.o., it may well be) then that’s something. Budget acoustics are made in China, India, Indonesia, that 7th moon of Jupiter that the Hubble telescope spotted… anywhere that labour’s cheap. As a general rule, if you can’t find it on Google it’s worth $30 absolute max. If you like playing it, that’s great – but try a well-known make and you’ll find out why no-one’s heard of Global these days.

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      A lot of people have asked the same question in the past but with little success I’ve found.

      This may or not be them, but it’s the only number and addy I could come up with so far:
      1850 Arthur Avenue
      Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

      Fax 847/640-8796

      Seems they were made out of Korea, or at least some models. I’ll have a bit more of a look when I get some free time.

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