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    Hiya people,

    I’ve been teaching myself how to play guitar, and twice a week or so I have a friend over and learn some new moves.

    Today, I just tried out a program called, “Guitar Pro 5” demo version and have been trying teach myself to play Stairway to Heaven.

    First of all, I think the program is quiet helpful, showing me the chords and fingering. But it doesn’t actually show how to strum/pick.(Maybe I can’t find out where it’s located at or it’s not available for the demo? Not sure…)

    Just want some of your opinions regarding to “Guitar Pro 5” if you happen to have it or have tried it before. Also, any recommendations for self teaching sites/videos/programs whatever you have would be great!

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      [quote=”newguitar07″]Does anyone know a website that has a lot of tutorial videos such as how to play some songs etc[/quote]

      Try http://www.vanderbilly.com
      The site is relatively new, and they seem to add to it regularly.

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      Yeah YouTube is great when you find a good teacher on their with videos.

      Otherwise, I’d recommend http://www.workshoplive.com/ if you wanna wanna fork over a few bucks. Yah there an ex advertiser but I wouldn’t plug em if their stuff was shite.

      Software wise: http://www.hitsquad.com/smm/cat/MUSIC_TUITION/

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      Does anyone know a website that has a lot of tutorial videos such as how to play some songs etc

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      Guitar pro is a good software, but it’s a program! Is this the problem!
      A teacher is a person…he can transmit to you a new informations that are not only the position of your fingers…musical theory, experiences, impressions: these things guitar pro cannot teach.
      If you try a software that can replace a tab it’s ok, indeed it’s a optimal program…it’s has many interesting functions…but it run in a computer and the computer cannot play a guitar!
      Naturally it’s my impression…all is subjective!
      Wait other comments.

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