Randall Amplifiers Launches Christian Olde Wolbers Signature Series Half Stack

Randall Amplifiers will be launching a new signature half stack that was designed in conjunction with world-renown lead guitarist Christian Olde Wolbers of Fear Factory. The half stack includes the V2 Archetype head and the RS412XLT 100BC 4×12 cabinet.

Christian Olde Wolbers Signature Series Half Stack

Although originally a guitar player, Christian Olde Wolbers joined Fear Factory as the bassist in 1993. In 2004, when Fear Factory reformed, Olde Wolbers advanced to lead guitarist of the group. While he is best known for his amazing guitar and bass playing skills, Olde Wolbers is also a talented keyboardist, upright bassist and record producer of rock, metal & hip hop. His musical versatility made him the perfect partner for developing a new line of products with.

When asked about the project, Olde Wolbers said, “I have been a huge Randall advocate for some time now. Their products deliver incredible tone with all of the richness and complexities that so many other amplifiers lack. Collaborating with them on the creation of this half stack has been an awesome opportunity for me to work with one of the best amplifier companies in the business to build a great product that I am proud to have my name on.”

Developed based on the existing Randall Valve Dynamic, the V2 Archetype is the perfect head for the guitarist who likes multiple tone shaping options. The highly complex V2 can produce almost any tone desired by utilizing a full tube preamp, as well as the classic Randall solid-state preamp. Holding true to their Hi-Gain roots, Randall has broken the boundaries of modern design to bring guitarists a highly advanced new take on hybrid guitar amplification.

For more information, please visit www.randallamplifiers.com

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