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    Hey Guys, i have a 1980 Gibson Les Paul Custom i bouth it new, i dont know much about Gibson History but i have been searching to see what i have, maybe you know someting about it, ok, it is a Gibson Les Paul Custom, 42nd one made, it has a Pearl Plate on the Back with (Reg No 42) on it, now 2 guys that know about this guitar told me, it is a bullion Gold Custom Orderd Les Paul in 1980, wich he says is more Rare than a Limited Edition, another Guy in DC said there were only 50 of these made and this is #42, it is bullion gold all over, front and back wich is away more rare than a goldtop, not a goldtop which is just front, the guy in North Carolina said he would be suprised if there were 3 of these in the us and i have one of them, now i am just telling you what i am searching out, myself i know nothing much, i will sell it, i would like to know more about it before i do but if you want some photos just email me at

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