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    : I am looking for the carlsbro nu-tone 2×12 combo and am having a hard time finding a dealer on the internet and or in USA, any suggestions? Any dealers?
    : I know this item is barely out in the UK but who may have it, when it opens up?

    Reply, I’ve looked all over for ‘ya, networking and thinking there could be a response for you in the meantime.

    All I know is that Carlsbro put on a very good showing at the Winter NAMM show in the USA, looking for distribution & potential customers, but I’m stumped … no dealers yet? Would be cool if they would buy themselves a little feature piece of this site!

    There should be no problem writing to the UK for info.

    All the best. Strat Man Dwight

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      : Ok. You’ve played lots of guitars, played through lots : of amps, and now you know what your searching for, right? : What guitar that you’ve played best emulates the tone in : the back of your mind that screams your name when it sings? well it has to be the PRS McCarty with a thick mahogany Back Carved maple top, with a sunburst top flame finish,it has the one and only McCarty pickups with 3-way toggle pickup selector, Volume control, Tone control and an excellent push/pull modified coil tap, if you hook this baby up to a marshall arena amp in a small room, crank the volume, middle and distortion up full, and then play the secret track from Midtowns latest album…….well thats worth paying nearly 2 grand for a guitar…..

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