Recording King Wood Body Resonator Guitars

Recording King unveils four new wood body resonators, the RR-51, RR-55, RR-61 and RR-65, all of which feature old school resophonic designs.

Recording King RR-55
Recording King RR-55

These new reso guitars expand on the company’s ever growing line up vintage inspired acoustic instruments, designed to deliver classic resonator tones and feel at a more reasonable price point.

To cover more ground, the company decided to launch four new Resonator models. They are divided into two all-mahogany resonators and two all-maple resonators, which are then further divided into roundneck and squareneck styles. Whether you are going for traditional blues, roots, or blue grass, the company hopes that you can find one that suits your taste.

The RR-51 roundneck and RR-61 squareneck resonators feature all-mahogany wood body, finished in vintage-style brown satin. They come with hand-spun Recording King spider cones that feature traditional soundwell and soundholes, giving both guitars the familiar roots inspired tone. Combined with the mahogany body design, both guitars are optimized to better emphasize the highs and lows, which results in what the company describes as “dry and throaty” resonator sound. The mahogany neck comes in either round or square style depending on the model, with the roundneck giving a more guitar like feel, while the squareneck follows more traditional resophonic feel that’s ideal for slide work. Other features include a bone nut and bell brass tailpiece with classic design.

The RR-55 roundneck and RR-65 squareneck all-maple resonators follow the same spider cone design, but has an all-maple body. This results in a slightly brighter tone ideal for modern slide and blues players. Much of everything else is the same as the first two all-mahogany models, carrying the same soundwell and soundhole design, bone nut, and brass tailpiece. To make these two Resophonic guitars more distinguishable, Recording King altered the finish to vintage sunburst. The same guitar friendly roundneck and traditional squareneck variation applies to the all-maple models.

Recording King RR-51
Recording King RR-51 Square Neck

Common to all the four resonator models are features that include Grover vintage style tuners. Note that the Roundneck models (RR-51 and RR-55) feature a narrower 1.75″ nut width that blues players will appreciate.

The company concludes, “Whether you’re a singer/songwriter, blues, slide or bluegrass player, the new Recording King resonators offer classic tone, classic looks and classic vibe in roadworthy instruments.”

All four Recording King resonator guitars are currently retailing for $549.99. For more information, you can visit Recording King.

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