Rees Electric Guitars introduces the new CKF Series

The new Rees CKF guitars are being made in Cambridge, England. A fully carved arch-top front and a half-carved back are added to the well developed and proven chambering of the Rees F2 guitar. The body is solid along the center from the neck to the bridge, but hollow on both sides. The result is a fine sounding instrument, whose soft curves and light balanced weight distribution make it very comfortable to play.

CKF Series Guitar

There are many choices to the overall build of the guitar:

– The bridge can be a fixed fully adjustable Gotoh wrap-around, or a Kahler vibrato bridge.

– The pickups, by Seymour Duncan, can be open or nickel covered humbuckers, or P90s.

– The controls can be 2, 3, or 4 knob, ranging from simple to “do-everything” including single coils; phased; series and parallel.

– The fretboard can be pau ferro, or maple, or birds eye maple.

– The tuners can be standard Gotohs, or Sperzel locking tuners.

The body is stained by rubbing by hand which brings out the full beauty of the fine wood figuring, rather than by spraying which would obscure the wood grain. The body is finished in multiple layers of thin acrylic lacquer, oil and wax, to preserve best resonance and tone, while offering a finest hand-made appearance that is more durable than simple oil and wax. The neck is finished in high-tech polymer lacquer for durability, with a fast action satin finish to the back of the neck. A choice of body colors is available: Natural korina, Golden korina, Dark Cherry, Amber Sunburst, Tobacco Sunburst, Dark Cherry Sunburst, Stripy Brown, Stripy Black.

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