Rees introduces lightweight F-Light Bass

The new Rees F-Light bass guitar is being made in Cambridge, England. It has been designed as a full-size performing musician's instrument that is very light, of relatively small overall size, and comfortable to play when standing or sitting. The exceptionally long upper horn for the strap, and the zero overhang of the lower bout beyond the bridge, brings the whole neck closer to the player's body. This makes the bass feel less long, and easier to play. It is much appreciated by women, and men with shorter arms, but is also more comfortable for anybody. The F-Light weighs only 6 lbs, compared to a traditional bass guitar of 10 lbs.

F-Light Bass

The pickup and controls are a simple effective popular classic choice with a modern twist. The Seymour Duncan Quarter-Pound P-Bass pickup has particularly large pole pieces which provide an wider magnetic field which fattens the tone and adds a bit of extra punch. Vintage replica P-Bass pickup is an option. The controls are simply a volume knob and a very wide-range tone knob. The resonant korina body, and thin lacquer finish, makes the tone of the instrument very responsive to playing technique.

The bass which fits inside quite small gig bags, is easy to carry on and off aeroplanes and store in the overhead locker.


– 4 string, long 34 inch scale, bass guitar.

– Ultra-lightweight – just under 3 kg, about 6 lbs.

– Small overall length and easy to play – the long upper horn brings the headstock closer to the musician.

– Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound P-Bass pickup for punchy full tone of vintage pedigree.

– Highly portable – a travel bass guitar for gigs.

– Korina hardwood body for fine tone and long sustain.

– Choice of wood colours, sunbursts, and fretboard woods.

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