Reverend Guitars Donated to Notes for Notes

Reverend donated instruments to “Notes for Notes”, a program that operates after-school free recording studios.

Notes for Notes

The donated guitars will help Notes for Notes staff as they provide kids with free access to musical instruments and gear that they can use to create and record music.

Notes for Notes is a music oriented program that builds, staffs and operates recording studios in community centers across the US. They offer kids and students more productive ways of spending their after-school time, with activities that focus on harnessing their musical creativity.

Reverend Guitars have taken notice of “Notes for Notes” noble undertaking and as a show of support, they have donated a Jetstream 390 Guitar and a Meshell Ndegeocello Fellowship Bass. Both instruments were chosen for their versatility and reliability.

Reverend Guitars’ CEO Ken Haas expounds, “I chose the Jetstream 390 for the kids because it’s an all-around great guitar — from clean tones to distorted ones. And the Fellowship is all minimalist-versatility. The kids can play warm and smooth, popping and slapping, or really dig into it.”

Haas is giving these instruments to make sure that the kids had a reliable guitar and bass, and notes that he plans to get more involved with the program. The donation occurred during the inauguration of the newest studio in Detroit, MI, which happened last August 12. It was attended by local Detroit celebrities that include Deputy Mayor Ike McKinnon and retired NBA star Earl “The Twirl” Cureton, and Mitch Albom. This event showcased Notes for Notes latest facilities, allowing local media and guests to tour their facilities.

Complementing the free gear that the students can use are lessons that will teach them about the various aspects of music creation, recording and the music industry. Basic recording setups will probably be tackled along side production techniques and strategies. The aim is to inspire kids to create and record whatever they feel, which will result in the production of more fresh and relevant music. Notes for Notes representative Kristen Myers said, “It’s about music and the positive bonds that form as a result”.

Reverend is pleased to have helped out the new studio, which is just one of the five new Notes for Notes studios to open in community centers nationwide.

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