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    by Teddy Ray Ruttimann

    Rock musician, Mick Star, claims the Bush administration is responsible for his music not being played on American Radio.
    “Jets,” an anti-Bush, anti-war song combining real Bush speeches with music and lyrics “has been banned on American radio
    as a result of the Bush White House’s tactics to hold back funding from private, public and college radio stations
    across America that play it” reports Star’s website.

    According to the site, Star believes the White House is afraid of his song because it “features President George W. Bush
    himself declaring victory, arrogantly taunting the world and committing others’ money and lives to his darkened vision.”

    The song centers around the US Air Force C-120 transport jets carrying the dead American soldiers from Iraq that land at
    Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, USA.

    Lyrical content aside, “Jets” inability to fit the template of mainstream pop could be the actual reason
    behind it’s lack of airplay on major commercial stations.

    You can listen to the song at


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