Rockett Pedals releases the Flex Drive Pedal

Rockett Pedals has released and is now shipping the first and long awaited design from the new Pro Series Line. The “Flex Drive” is a very versatile over drive pedal that can go from clean boost to scorching lead tones with blues and country in between. The Flex Drive is the first release of an entire series designed for the professional musician.

The Flex Drive uses a combination of discrete and non discrete clipping sections in multiple gain stages in order to achieve a convincing amp like sound and feel. The switching allows for multiple voicing's making it a very complete and flexible design for use with many different types of amps and guitars.

Function controls consist of:

– Volume

– Tone

– Gain

– 3-way treble cut switch

– c3-way clipping switch

– Fat switch

Cost: (US)$189.00

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This is a Press Release

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