Rotosound Guitar & Bass Care Products

Rotosound just launched three new guitar and bass care products, including a guitar polish, string lube, and lemon oil.

Rotosound Guitar & Bass Care Products

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This release is a first for the company, and marks their expansion in the guitar care market. All three are designed to help you take better care of your axe, so you can enjoy playing your musical instrument longer.

The initial release of guitar care products include the Rotosound branded Guitar Polish (GP4), String Cleaner Lube (SC2) and Lemon Oil (LO2). All three are packed in compact bottle that make them easy to store and carry around in your gigbag, letting you carry your guitar care products anywhere you bring your guitar or bass.

Rotosound Guitar Polish

This new guitar polish is said to be specially formulated to work well with the various finishes and wood types found on guitars and basses. Once applied, it helps reduce unwanted streaking, fingerprinting and it will help you easily clean out dust and grime, effectively restoring your guitar’s natural shine. After application, the polish will help prevent further dust build up so you can keep your axe in pristine condition. The new Rotosound Guitar Polish has a RRP of £6.50.

String Cleaner Lube

Preventing early string aging and breakage is an imperative task for guitarists, especially those that play aggressively. Without proper string care, you’ll end up having intonation problems and unexpected string breakage during performances. To help you in keeping your strings in check, Rotosound has released their own silicone based lubricant, which is designed to help reduce friction and prolong string life and sound clarity. This results in more effortless playing and improved fretting accuracy. The smoother string will also inspire you to play faster. The RRP for the new Rotosound String Cleaner Lube is £5.95

Lemon Oil

Rotosound now have their own Lemon Oil product, meant to be a natural cleaner and conditioner for the fretboard of your guitar. It is used both for cleaning dirt, grease and wax build up, and freshens up the fingerboard to make it look and feel appealing. Lemon Oil is also known for being good at preserving the quality of your instrument, reducing inherent wood issues like cracking and drying. The Rotosound Lemon Oil is priced at £5.95 RRP.

You can find out more about these three new guitar and bass care products by visiting Rotosound.

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