Rotosound Now Selling Strings Direct to the Public

It’s always a difficult decision for a manufacturer to go into competition with their own retailers, but it often works out well for We The Customers!

Rotosound have partnered with Shopatron to add a new online store to their website offering their entire range of guitar strings and accessories.

They have an interesting twist – all sales are processed by their retailers – although you can have your orders delivered like regular online stores, you can also order online and then pick your order up from a local outlet, thus keeping everyone happy.

“We wanted a way for our customers to easily find and purchase any of our products, whilst still allowing them to maintain a contact with their local dealer” said Jason How, Rotosound Managing Director. “This system is safe, simple, and convenient. It gives you access to the whole range of Rotosound products, a choice of delivery options, all from an authorised dealer.”

You can access the store from the Rotosound website or American customers can go directly to and in the UK go to – there’s no word on when other countries will be added to the list yet.

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