Saint Blues launches World’s First Production Electric Washboard

Saint Blues Guitar Workshop has announced the launch of the Woogie Board, the first production electric washboard in partnership with Cody Dickinson of the North Mississippi Allstars.

The Woogie Board has been developed together with Cody Dickinson. Cody is the son of legendary producer, Jim Dickinson, who worked with artists such as the Rolling Stones, the Replacements, and Bob Dylan. “I had been playing guitar, drums, and piano, then one day my father literally hung a washboard around my neck, and said ‘Son, you’re going to play the washboard’ ”, says Cody. Although it was his father’s love of roots, blues, and folk music that introduced Cody to the washboard, electrifying it and marrying with traditional guitar effects, was all Cody. “The electric washboard, which is utterly Cody’s instrument, is a thing unto itself” Cody’s father Jim, said. “That wah-wah pedal does something to it that God never intended. There’s something really, really vulgar about what the wah-wah pedal does. It makes it sound like oral sex, somehow.”

Saint Blues and Cody have taken this home grown, roots instrument and made it a true gig-worthy instrument. It is handmade in Memphis from solid Mahogany, and finished with a hand-rubbed tung oil. The Woogie Board features enclosed dual-Piezo pickups, with a three-way switch for pickup selection, volume control knob, and a high quality output jack all housed in a tele control plate built into the leg. “The electric washboard is taking things to a whole new level. It’s never been done before, it’s completely unique, and there is tradition, so it kind of has all the makings of a juggernaut” says Cody.

The sounds and effects the new Woogie Board can create outside of an amplified traditional washboard have to be heard to be believed. “When I plugged it into a wah-wah pedal and a delay, and realized it sounded like Jimmy Hendrix, it blew my mind. It’s psychedelic, it tickles that part of the brain.” Saint Blues and Cody are currently working on custom effect pedals designed for new players to create these sounds if they don’t already own these effects. “To me, there’s something irresistible about taking a familiar instrument, and a familiar chord pattern or musical structure, and doing something just completely innovative with it, like Hendrix did. It gets harder and harder to do, but clearly the Woogie Board is doing it” said Jim Dickinson.

Saint Blues has a long history of working with Memphis and Mississippi Delta musicians on their instruments and sound. “Working with Cody and the Dickinson family to build a unique and new instrument is an opportunity we couldn’t turn down. It’s not just the connection to our Memphis roots, but a partnership with an innovative musician and friend that is licensed to hold the torch.” said Brian Halley, Director of Sales and Marketing for Saint Blues.

“I’m no purist, by any stretch of the imagination, but at the same time I understand the responsibility of keeping tradition alive –whatever part I can play in keeping it alive I’m proud to do it. The idea that it’s going away is ridiculous, and the fact that it’s going to change is inevitable” –Cody Dickinson

To see an MTV produced video of Cody or him live at Madison Square Garden:

The Woogie Board is available to purchase through the Saint Blues website at, or directly at

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