Schertler DYN-AG6 Transducer

Schertler releases the DYN-AG6 Transducer, an active contact microphone for acoustic guitars.

Schertler DYN-AG6

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This new microphone is designed to work in conjunction with the brand’s Magnetico AG6 acoustic guitar pickup.

The new DYN-AG6 transducer microphone connects to the Magnetico AG6’s external input, serving as a second pickup for your acoustic guitar. This expands the sonic frequencies that you can capture from your instrument, resulting in more organic tones.

This contact microphone attaches to the underside of your guitar top, ideally placed right below the bridge. Once installed, this active dynamic transducer captures a wide frequency range of 40 Hz to 12kHz with fast transient response. The specific frequencies that it captures were specifically chosen to complement the sounds captured by the Magnetico AG6 pickup in the soundhole.

If you are not familiar with Magnetico, it is a unique pickup that utilizes Schertler’s “multiple coil technology”, which is said to reproduce transparent and flat frequency sounds that better represent the sound of fretted instruments.

Since the DYN-AG6 is meant as an accessory or extension of the AG6, control over the mic’s volume is done through the EXT volume pot on the AG6.

Technical Specifications:

  • Transducer type: active dynamic transducer
  • Mechanical coupling: butterworth 2nd order
  • Frequency range: 40 Hz to 12 kHz
  • Nominal impedance: 380 ohm
  • Dynamic range: 94dB
  • Sensitivity: 20mV/g
  • Sensitivity on instrument: ca. -25dBm
  • Cable length: 230 mm

Wrapping up the description of this new contact microphone, Schertler concludes, “Ideal for percussive playing styles, this unique Schertler transducer offers a range of possibilities for both live performance and recording.”

Pricing information is not readily available online, but you can contact their official retailers for details. For more information, visit Schertler.

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