Schertler Giulia Y Acoustic Amplifier – Musikmesse 2015

Schertler Group introduces the new Giulia Y, a 2-channel compact amplifier combo for acoustic instruments.

Schertler Giulia Y

This new acoustic amplifier is coming with the Swiss manufacturer to the 2015 Musikmesse at Frankfurt, Germany. It will be among the many new products that Schertler will be unveiling at the event.

The Giulia Y is the bigger brother of the ultra-compact Giulia, the main difference being its 2-channel design providing 50W of bi-amplified power for acoustic guitars, vocals and other acoustic instruments. This configuration makes the Giulia Y suitable for singer-songwriters and acoustic guitarists that also sing, tone chasers can also utilize the channels to blend the piezo pickup tone with the mic’ed sound.

The company says that this new amp also features enhanced circuitry when compared to the regular Giulia, and it also sports a new look. The Schertler brand name and logo are now printed on the side of the amp, replacing the more discrete small logo decal that were used on its predecessor.

Other than the above mentioned changes, this new amp does not stray too far away from the original design where it can accommodate both 1/4″ and XLR connectors directly. The amp’s flexible connectivity makes it more on par with powered speakers, able to handle a wide range of microphones that include the Schertler’s DYN and STAT series, or the BASIK pickup.

Acoustic guitars and other high-level line sources can also connect with the amp, and you won’t even have to worry about compatibility because the amp comes with smart electronics that will automatically adapt to the input signal that you plug-into. The amp is equipped with phantom power (48V and 10V), and a 3-band EQ on each channel for tone shaping.

Aside from the independent EQ, Giulia Y also features a warm low-pass filter, designed for adding warmth to bright sounding instruments. Finally, the new Schertler Giulia Y is packaged with a basic digital reverb that is controlled by a knob.

Schertler Group concludes: ” GIULIA Y is perfect for small venues, home studios or for practice.” Pricing and availability will be announced soon, for more information head over to Schertler. The company will be displaying this new acoustic amplifier along with other new products at the 2015 Musikmesse booth F86 Hall 3.

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