Schertler Unico Acoustic Amplifier

Schertler Amps introduce Unico, a 5-channel 250W amplifier designed to handle multiple acoustic instruments.

Schertler Unico Amplifier

The company describes this as one of their next generation acoustic amplifiers, featuring a two-way speaker design supported by its bi-amplifier circuit. It is designed to be more versatile, handling everything from vocals (via microphones), to acoustic guitars and even electric guitars.

As expected, this acoustic amplifier comes with HF and LF drivers, specifically, a 1″ dome tweeter and a 10″ woofer. This ensures that Unico have enough highs to accurately reproduce the sound of acoustic guitars. Be it via piezo pickups or via mikes, this amp is meant for acoustic guitars, and thanks to its 5-channel design, you can even blend piezo with multiple mikes to get the most accurate representation of your acoustic sound.

But its not just about acoustic guitars, because the 250W+50W bi-amplifier section is designed to handle other acoustic instrument types, from violins, to mandolins, and many more. And since it has a built-in mic input, you can amplify any acoustic instrument that is miked. But in addition to that, Schertler mentioned that this amp can handle electric guitars equally fine.

Speaking of inputs, the amp has three inputs, a balanced (XLR) input, an unbalanced mic/instrument input and an extra combo jack that can handle both balanced mics and unbalanced instrument inputs. And if those three are not enough, a stereo input channel is also provided for accommodating media players like computers, phones and other mp3 players. You can also use the FX Return channel if you need to input a 5th instrument. With all that, the Unico can essentially amplify an small group of musicians, making it a great portable amp solution for duos, trios, quartets and jazz ensembles.

Regarding the channels, the press release went into more detail, saying: “The three main microphone/instrument input channels include a Gain control for input sensitivity regulation and 3-band EQ, with parametric mids on input channels 1 and 3 and a switchable resonance (notch) filter (240Hz/150Hz) on channel 2. Phantom power is supplied for condenser and electrostatic microphones. Each of these channels also features an overload LED. Channel 1 is additionally equipped with a phase reverse switch to prevent feedback, or unwanted effects between the various channels.”

The Master section wraps up the control features with its adjustable DI output, Line out, mute button, digital reverb, and an FX input for connecting a 3rd party dynamics processor. There’s also a Low Cut Filter (below 180Hz) that can be used, so you can pair the Schertler Unico with a subwoofer safely and conveniently.

Finally, the Schertler Unico’s amplifier section has a high-voltage Class-A preamp with no ICs and no NFB (Negative Feedback) for improved sound quality. The new Schertler Unico amplifier is now available with an MSRP of $1,099, for more information, you can head over to Schertler

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