Seymour Duncan Dave Murray Loaded Pickguard

Turn your Strat into an Iron Maiden rock machine with the new Seymour Duncan Dave Murray Loaded Pickguard.

Seymour Duncan Dave Murray Loaded Pickguard

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This new pickup set follows after the release of Dave’s signature Stratocaster, carrying the same electronics which can easily be dropped into any Strat style guitars.

Iron Maiden’s Dave Murray has been a Seymour Duncan user and endorser for years, relying on his trusted Hot Rails and JB Jr. single-coil pickups. Earlier this year, his signature guitar, the Fender Dave Murray California Series Stratocaster, was unveiled and it was carrying his preferred pickup configuration.

Now Seymour Duncan is looking to cash in on those who want the Dave Murray sound by simply swapping electronics, by offering a Stratocaster style pickguard that comes complete with the same pickup configuration as his signature guitar.

The Dave Murray Loaded Pickguard gives single-coil Strat style guitars an entirely new sound, giving you tones that normally would only be available from humbucker equipped instruments. This is made possible by the Seymour Duncan Hot Rails high output single-coil pickups, which are embedded in the bridge and neck position. These pickups feature strong ceramic magnet and coil windings that produce high enough output to drive his preferred high-gain overdriven tones.

Supporting the two high-output pickups is a JB Jr. in the middle position, which provides a low output contrast. By utilizing the 5-way pickup selector to get the in-between positions, you can get clean tones that would otherwise not be possible on the usual metal and rock friendly guitars with double humbuckers.

Dave Murray said, “My Seymour Duncan pickups give me everything I need to get the maximum gain and versatility out of my guitar, but still with that classic Strat look. The SD Hot Rails give a huge output on the neck and bridge, but without losing the clarity, and having the option of the lower output JB Jr. in the center gives a perfect option for clean tones. Drop this into your Strat and ENJOY!”

Other features of this loaded pickguard include Bourns volume and tone pots, 5-way pickup selector, and it utilizes the “11-hole style” that should fit most post-1964 Stratocasters. It also comes with special stickers and pickguard installation instructions.

Check out the official video demo:

When still in doubt, you can hear these pickups in action on Iron Maiden’s forthcoming double album, The Book Of Souls, which is scheduled for release on September 4. This is the ideal pickup set for those who want to get a more metal-friendly sound from their Strat style instrument.

The Dave Murray Loaded Pickguard expands the company’s USA made loaded pickguards lineup which includes the BYOP, Triple Rails, Classic, Antiquity, YJM and Everything Axe. Pricing information will soon be available, for further details visit Seymour Duncan.

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