Seymour Duncan Whole Lotta Humbucker

Following its successful limited run in Britain, Seymour Duncan’s Whole Lotta Humbucker is now available worldwide.

Seymour Duncan Whole Lotta Humbucker

This pickup is a replica of Seymour’s special re-wound PAFs, the ones that went into Jimmy Page’s Les Paul.

Seymour Duncan set out to recreate the pickups that he modified for artists such as Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton, when he was still working at the Fender Soundhouse. The Whole Lotta Humbucker is part of that effort, providing modern players with authentic vintage sounding pickup options. When put into guitars with mahogany body and rosewood fingerboards, i.e. Les Paul, the pickup is meant to reproduce tones that are closest to the original pickups that Seymour modified.

The pickup’s core components are simple Alnico V magnets and plain enamel wire, what makes them special however is Seymour’s unique winding pattern that improves string to string balance. The resulting pickups offer improved note-to-note clarity with increased output capacity. The bridge pickup output is measured at 8.78K DC resistance, while the neck pickup is at 8.20K – these outputs will let you push your amp to get aggressive tones that would otherwise be not possible. These pickups also improves the sustain by adding subtle compression.

Seymour Duncan Whole Lotta Humbucker

Seymour shared the story behind the Whole Lotta Humbucker: “When I’d work on one of those great old guitars for a client, I liked to rewind the pickups with 42-gauge plain-enamel wire. I’d also insert sand-cast Alnico magnets with a better-balanced magnetic field, which made the B and high E sound as powerful as the other strings. This modified pickup had more output and a higher frequency response. The Whole Lotta Humbucker set is an exact replica of these special pickups. 8.78k DC resistance for the bridge pickup, 8.20k for the neck, custom winding pitch, and a calibrated sand cast Alnico magnet. I have such great memories of living in London, so I’m thrilled to be producing this pickup once again.”

The Whole Lotta Humbucker is offered in a neck and bridge set or you can purchase them individually. Aesthetic options include coming with a nickel cover, or just the uncovered black bobbins. For more information, you can head over to Seymour Duncan.

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