Shatner’s hairpiece

This is the band page of a band called Shatner’s Hairpiece.

It contains original electric guitar instrumentals in a wide variety of styles and textures including rock, fusion, funk, progressive, finger style, country, jazz, ambient, world music. There are Studio tracks as well as live improvised jams with my trio.

All the songs are recorded on a limited edition Parker Mojo Autumn burl with a Zen drive, Traynor tube amp, and Pod xtlive. There are high quality downloads available in Wav, flac, mp3 formats.

1 thought on “Shatner’s hairpiece”

  1. Parker Fly player
    Peter Lawson

    I have watched , enjoyed and learnt a lot from you by watching your videos. Not necessarily only about music but relating to resolve, determination and grit.
    I live in Ventnor on the Isle of Wight. There are no busking restrictions here at all!

    Have I misinterpreted you? Have you written an autobiographical book?

    This is the root of my enquiry. Thank you. I don’t even know your name. Sorry.

    At 74 years of age- horribly stuck in a rut regarding my own guitar playing. Being lefthanded, in 1960 it was impossible to buy a southpaw instrument. Tutors gave up on me. No understanding about the lefthanded ness being wired in

    I now have become an amateur luthier !

    I once knew a chap from a local college band who owned and played great music on his Parker Fly. It was thought of at first as an object of ridicule. Not anymore. Thank you.

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