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    We are giving away two (2) 00 vouchers – read on for your chance to win.

    Enter at:


    As you may know you will often receive Pop-Under advertisements when you visit this website. Pop-Unders are web browser windows containing advertisements that open underneath your main web browser window.

    Most people don’t like them – and neither do we – so we would like your help to get rid of them.

    Now here’s the tricky part – because Pop-Under advertising generates high levels of response for advertisers, they form a large part of the income this web site receives. In fact, this web site would not have been able to pay the web site hosting fees and would have been forced to close down years ago if it wasn’t for the income from Pop-Under advertisements.

    So to get rid of Pop-Unders we need to find different ways to generate high levels of response for our advertisers so they that will continue to advertise with us, but without using Pop-Unders.

    This is where you come in!

    We want to hear your solutions – it could be a way to double the number of visitors to this web site, or it could be a new kind of advertising that doubles the response rate, or it could be something completely different!

    We have set up a special discussion thread here at where you can post your idea.

    We will select the best ideas, and then let all the visitors to this site vote for which one they think is best.

    The person with the winning idea will receive a 00 voucher.

    Everyone who votes will also have the chance to go into the draw for a 00 voucher.

    Here are the competition rules:

    1. You must be a registered user of this forum, and you must login to enter the competition. Guest users will not be able to submit ideas at (although they can at ), and Guests will not be allowed to win prizes or to vote on the best ideas.

    2. All ideas must be submitted by clicking on the “post reply” button on the special topic at

    3. You can provide as many separate idea submissions as you like, however you may only vote once in the voting stage of the competition.

    4. Hitsquad Pty Ltd reserves the right to remove any ideas submitted if we believe they are offensive, illegal, or for any other reason we deem necessary.

    5. Idea submissions will close at 11:55pm 30 November 2005 GMT, and voting submissions will close at 11:55pm 27 January 2006 GMT.

    6. The rules may be subject to change by Hitsquad Pty Ltd without notice.

    7. The winners will be notified via email before 31 January 2006.

    If you have any questions, please contact Jason Horton via our contact page at

    Now – Submit your ideas below to get rid of Pop-Unders!

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      Yes, this site has LOADS of pop=ups, but forgive me for being a little obvious here but…

      GET A POP-UP BLOCKER! I use google…so allk a get is a little click saying yet another pop-up is gone!!!

      Easy ________ [URL=]Chrysler atlantic specifications[/URL]

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      [quote=”1bassleft”]… I’d like Guitar Institute to stay on the main, though. Every time I see that “GIT” oval, it reminds me of Lee. I’d happily pass up the Amazon $100 if it can buy an honorary degree. “Lee_UK (GIT)” has a certain ring (of truth?) to it :lol:[/quote]

      My old grungy bass had all the Institutes stickers cut into fret width bits and stuck on the fret board, MIT, GIT, BIT, TIT(possibly) all of them…but I lived in Hull, so it got nicked.

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      Off topic? That was off planet, Lee 😆 Hope it wasn’t French wine 😉

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      Your just toying with us Jason, Kill popup’s? more chance of Tony Blair insisting we keep our FULL EU rebate.
      And even more chance of the French giving up some of its farm subsidies.
      Roll over England and have your tummy rubbed by the great big FAT french economy, France would be a 3rd world country if it was’nt living off the fat of the European Community, Sorry for going off topic but ive just seen the Blair headlines and that bloke makes me sick!!

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      I guess if only two of us have bothered to post to this one, then everyone either loves pop-ups or they just don’t give a flying V about them.
      So does that mean we got a 50-50 chance of winning the prize?

      BTW – replying did not trigger any pop-ups on my machine

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      I’ve now noticed that replying to topics (like this one, f’r’instance) defeated my blocker. Pop-ups have suddenly become annoying, again. Especially those that make me scroll to hit the “X” button. Just my tuppence, 1BL.

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      My solution is simple, and means that GuitarSite can keep its advertising revenues.

      Most Web browsers can now block pop-ups, pop-unders etc simply by selecting the option not to display them.
      You can also get free programs from the internet to block adverts.
      Why not have a simple set of instructions on how to do this for the most popular browsers (MS Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla) somewhere on the site. The FAQ page would be a good place.
      That would allow individuals to choose if they want pop-ups or not.
      Personally I hate them and have them turned off on my computer, but do not want to see this site struggle for money, or become a paid-up members only site, so I will be voting to keep them.

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      Jason, I clicked on the link and got a copy of the page I was already looking at 😕 . My idea’s not very original and definitely none too interesting, so I’m happy to waive the Amazon cheque (as a mod) anyway.

      I think it may be time to segment up G-site into sub-categories. Let’s say (any other ops?) Fender, Gibson, other electric, bass, acoustic, amps, FX, bizarre rambles. It keeps threads on the radar – instead of dropping off the screen. Peeps are more likely to reply to a topic if it’s still on the 1st page, even if it has collected a little dust. I doubt if the casual looker goes to page x of unread threads.

      So, hopefully, more looking in and more peeps tempted to add a reply. From the advertizer’s POV, this means a more targetted audience. Random poppers are a pain, and easily blocked with a decent ISP. Banner ads can’t be so easily blocked, and that’s OK if they’re relevant to the subject. Special Gibson deals in the Gibby category, amp steals in the amp category etc. Most people are on DSL, now, so a changing banner ad isn’t a major headache for the browser.

      Currently, your banners are squashed into the main forum index and ‘my’ idea spreads them around. I’d like Guitar Institute to stay on the main, though. Every time I see that “GIT” oval, it reminds me of Lee. I’d happily pass up the Amazon $100 if it can buy an honorary degree. “Lee_UK (GIT)” has a certain ring (of truth?) to it 😆

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