Singular Sound BeatBuddy Mini Pedal

Singular Sound is now taking pre-orders for the BeatBuddy Mini pedal, a compact and more affordable version of their original drum machine.

Singular Sound BeatBuddy Mini Pedal

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BeatBuddy Drum Machine

This nano size pedal carries many of the features found on the original, while shedding off some extra bulk and features to make the pedal more compact and cost-effective.

When you think of pedals with drum machines, the limited beat maker features found on multi-effects pedals come to mind. These basic beat making features are only good for practice, but not enough for actual performance that require fills, dynamics and more rhythm variety. For this reason, Singular Sound created the original BeatBuddy, which provides professional drum machine features that can be controlled with your foot.

Now Singular Sound is expanding their drum machine pedal line with a stripped down and compact version of the original, called the BeatBuddy Mini Pedal. It is meant to be as easy to use and intuitive as the original, providing the same hands-free creative control and features as found on tabletop drum machines, but packed inside a compact stompbox. The same pro-level drums and percussion sounds are easily controlled and triggered by foot, making this pedal ideal for singer-songwriters.

While sound quality is lower at 16bit compared to the original’s 24bit, it is still more than enough to give you convincing sounding rhythm practice and gigs. For something so small, this drum machine has 100 included songs and is capable of assigning 2 fills per song part, all of which are spread out to cover various music styles.

It is important to note that the Mini version has limited connectivity options, it doesn’t have MIDI Sync, there is no USB Port and it doesn’t support SD Cards. Another important difference between the two versions is the lack of a headphones jack on the Mini version, a feature that should have been retained especially since this pedal is very useful for practice. Still, there are easy and affordable workarounds to get your headphones connected to the pedal, so it’s not that bad of a limitation.

Singular Sound CEO David Packouz concludes, “The BeatBuddy has become a go-to tool amongst professionals of the highest caliber, winning every major award in the industry for innovation, sound quality and ease of use. We’re now thrilled to bring a personal drummer to musicians everywhere—at a price they can afford.”

The company is now taking pre-orders for the new BeatBuddy Mini, currently priced at about half the price of the original pedal at $149. If the convenience of having extended connectivity is essential to your live performance and practice, then you might want to go for the original version. For more information and other details, head over to Singular Sound.

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