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    🙁 Crackle, hum, Ive got it all!
    I live in China. Things are cheap,if available,but quality control is virtually unknown.
    I bought a Chinese “Killer” guitar.
    Ho hum, crackle and spit.
    I checked,( try it) trouble shooting guide and the combo seems OK so far, (left by a previous teacher), the pots in the guitar need replacing as soon as I can find decent quality ones ,but the lead sucks.
    In one shop they had to try 3 leads before one worked.
    I’ve never seen anything other than this lead over here.
    Any cheapo ways to de hum a lead? 🙄

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      It sounds like they could have been unshielded cables. Unshielded cable is good for amplifier to cabinet, but bad for guitar to amplifier. Perhaps your store didn’t know one from the other. If they can’t help, a local electrician should know the difference. A shielded lead should eliminate most of the hum, even if it’s not of the ultimate quality.

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      check the solder joints, but i think you just have inferior quality cable, the more oxygene in the copper inside the cable, the more hum you will get, if i were you i’d try and locate some oxygene free copper guitar cable and make your own, are they actualy sold as guitar cables??

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