Source Audio Vertigo Tremolo

Source Audio introduces the Vertigo Tremolo, featuring three tremolo types, stereo I/O, tap tempo and MIDI functions.

Source Audio Vertigo Tremolo

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This is the first pedal to come out from Source Audio’s new “One Series” line of effects, and interestingly, it sports a more traditional look and feel compared to their other products.

Source Audio is known for their modern looking uniquely shaped effect pedals, but it looks like they are now designing traditional looking pedals with their new One Series. The new Vertigo Tremolo starts off this line with its boutique stompbox style exterior and traditional looking knobs and footswitch will no longer look out-of-place when put side by side with other regular pedals.

Regarding Series One, Source Audio President Roger Smith said, “During our company’s ten year existence, we’ve come to understand how musicians interact with their effects. There’s really a very wide spectrum – at one end there are the players who like to simply grab a pedal, plug it in and have it sound great. On the other end there are those who want to dig deep and intensely sculpt their sound. With the Vertigo Tremolo and the rest of the pedals in the One Series line, we truly believe that we’ve created a group of effects that will excite and inspire both sides of the spectrum and everybody in-between.”

As expected from Source Audio, there is more to this pedal than meets the eye. Underneath the familiar and streamlined exterior are modern features that include connectivity with iOS devices for preset editing and saving. The company says that this will also soon be available for Android smartphone and tablets.

The Vertigo pedal lets you switch between three distinct tremolo effects, first of which is the Normal mode which is a modern recreation of the “opto trem” amplitude modulation found in vintage Blackface Fenders. Switching to Harmonic mode changes the pedal’s behavior so that your guitar signal ping-pongs between a low and high frequency boost for a phaser like tremolo effect, mimicking Fender Super’s “Vibrato” effect from the early ’60s. The third mode is called Bias, it adds mild overdrive, giving you tube-like tremolo with bias modulation.

On top of the switchable modes, Vertigo come with a Shape knob that lets you morph the wave shape from square to sine (or opto) to sawtooth. This gives you full control over the tremolo effect and allows for a wide variety of sonic textures.

Expanding the capabilities of the pedal further is the Neuro Mobile App, which gives you access to Source Audio’s free library of modern tremolo patterns and hybrid modulation effects. You can use the app to tweak and store each effect for sharing with other users or for loading directly to the pedal. Other parameters that can be controlled include EQ, wet/dry mix, low cut, tap tempo and stereo separation.

Check out the official video demo:

Source Audio CTO Jesse Remignanti summarizes, “With the Vertigo and the other One Series effects pedals, we focused on making simple, great sounding, and easy to use stompboxes with added features that can keep even the most maniacal of tweakers engaged. The Neuro App interface opens up a world of possibilities for crafting and sharing custom tones. There’s really something for everyone!”

Other features of this pedal include versatile tap tempo rate options (quarter, eighth, triplets and 16th notes), ability to connect to external controllers, MIDI message compatibility, and external expression control.

The MSRP for the new Source Audio Vertigo Tremolo is $209, and it is expected to have a street price of $149. For more information, visit Source Audio.

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