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    I’ve always been interested in learning how to play a steel guitar, and am used to seeing the pedal one. Now that I’m trying to look around on line, I’m seeing these 2 very different looking types. Can anyone give me the lowdown on the differences (other than the obvious), their preferences & why, etc.? Any information for this potential beginner is greatly appreciated. 😕

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      He used a pedal steel on ‘Darkside’ and what a sound! can you imagine the gear you would have to buy if you were a ‘Gilmour’ in a tribute band?

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      Hi ch,

      From a practical perspective, I would suggest starting out with a lap steel. They are cheaper, more portable and easier to play than a pedal steel. Later on if you decide you’re really hooked you can move up to a pedal steel.

      I have a lap steel that I break out every now and then that I have $200 invested in. Its a great musical diversion and I love pretending I’m David Gilmour. SB

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