Steve Vai Attempting Largest Online Guitar Lesson World Record

Late last year we brought you news that Steve Vai had joined up with Berklee College of Music to become an online guitar teacher.

In what looks like being a hugely fun publicity stunt, they will attempt to host the world’s largest ever online guitar lesson.

Steve Vai

This attempt at a Guinness World Record will be held on March 3rd, 2011 at 1:30PM EST.

Steve Vai is himself a Berklee Alum, and he co-authored Berkleemusic’s new Steve Vai Guitar Techniques online course.

He hopes the event will encourage players to continue to cultivate their own unique style and spirit on the instrument. “This online event, and the larger efforts Berkleemusic is making to teach students around the world, is a great example of the collaboration that happens at Berklee,” says Vai. “Whether you’re in Boston, Bombay, or Brussels, we’ll all be together on March 3rd.”

No doubt both he and Berkleemusic hope all the publicity will be successful in promoting the course as well. One of the things I really like about this idea, is that students enrolled in the course get access to a specially dedicated live chat session with Steve Vai to help them in their studies.

And in a nice gesture, Berkleemusic will donate one dollar for every person that joins the online lesson to the Steve Vai Online Scholarship Fund at Berkleemusic, which is designed to reward and assist outstanding students studying in Berkleemusic’s multi-course certificate programs.

The World’s Largest Online Guitar Lesson will be a free one-time event, that will last 30 minutes. At the conclusion of the online lesson, participants will be able to submit questions to Steve on the event’s web page at

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