Steve Vai Becoming an Online Guitar Instructor

Yes, you read that right – Steve Vai has hooked up with Berkleemusic to present The Steve Vai Guitar Techniques online course.

Update: This article contained errors which have been corrected in a new article: Steve Vai and Berkleemusic Correction – Specially dedicated live chat session with Steve Vai

Berklee say that “Guitar Techniques provides an unprecedented opportunity for musicians from across the globe to take an “under the hood” look at the work of one of music’s most influential guitarists, learn the secrets behind Steve’s unique playing style, and incorporate Steve’s techniques into their own playing.”

Unfortunately Steve won’t be there to interact with you in real-time, all his presentation is via pre-recorded video. But I guess we shouldn’t complain too much, as this really is the first period in history where musicians anywhere can get direct access to the teachings of a master.

The above paragraph was incorrect – Students who take the course will be able to have access to a specially dedicated live chat session with Steve Vai. Between the advanced Berkleemusic online learning platform, interactive tests and quizzes, as well as audio recognition tools, the course amasses to an experience far beyond a pre-recorded series of videos.

“What’s fascinating to me is that the barriers to learning music directly from recognized experts – whether it’s myself or the rest of Berklee’s renowned guitar faculty – no longer exist with online music education,” said Vai. “I’m intimately involved in creating this course, from the crafting of the lesson content, to providing hours of never-before-seen video, and even a dedicated live chat between myself and the online students. This truly is an evolution in the way to teach and learn guitar.”

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