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    1. Re: Hofner bass strap

      You can order it at :

      I have it , but I removed it from my Bass : the metal parts of the strap occured scratches around the strap button.

      Well , you can still have it as a "decoration" but I now use straplock system (safer) with a nice standard "old-fashion" strap. Looks nice , feels nice.

      P.S. : some idiots put a strap button somewhere around the heel . The correct place is UNDER the heel .

    2. Re: This popular thread has been given its own page :... nelson laviolette
      nelson laviolette

      I wonder if you have in store, in Montreal, a Hofner bass strap. Number of part is NCM 205, brown chocolate leather. An answer would be appreciate. Also, tell me how to get it. Thanking you in advence, Nelson Laviolette

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