Stringed Instrument Division

Stringed Instrument Division deals in new and vintage guitars by Gibson, Martin, Lowden, and much more. We are operated by 3 professional Luthiers, and have a fantastic repair department. Please call with your questions!406-549-1502

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  1. Hello!
    Jim Pasola

    Hey Gang,

    Remember me? Jim, Raliegh and Zoes friend. Just browing around and found your ad. I’m still in Antarctica freezing my but off. -109 windchill today. I’ll be out of here soon, Oct. and off to trvel someplace warm. Should be back in Mt. around Xmas and will stop and say hello. Hope all is well. Hi to all- Peter,Roz, John,Dean, Raliegh. Jim Pasola

  2. contact
    Peter Barberio

    Dear Sirs,
    I am the originator and founder of Stringed Instrument Division. Dean Ryan was my employee as manager and director. As of last January Dean no longer works here and I am the one to contact.
    Thank you and feel free to ask me anything at any time and I will have something to say about it.
    Yours Truely,
    Peter Barberio

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