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    Does anybody know if Gibson still makes the John Lennon Legendary Signature Series guitar strings? I know they were making them in 2001, but I can’t seem to find them online.

    Just bought a J160e (2001 reissue, non-signature) and opinion seems divided on best strings to get. One guy got a letter from Gibson saying they shipped the reissues with nickel-wound strings. But their ad for the Peace reissue touts Masterbuilt Phosphor Bronze Wound. Any tips much appreciated.

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      To be honest Cat, if it were me i’d play the ones i liked, get yourself a set of each and see what you like, but if you want my advice for strings, i use Elixir web coated ones, the last longer than Peter North on Viagra. And i like the fact they dont sound too zingy when you first put them on, i like the web coated strings on accoustic but still like plain old D’addarios 10-46 nickle wound on my electrics.

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