Studio Devil Amp Modelling Software Now Available on iOS

Studio Devil is now available for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Studio Devil Guitar Amp features 3 amp models, 3 cabinet models, and gain, tone, and level controls just like on a real amp.

This app requires headphones and / or a guitar input device (such as the iRig, AmpKit, or similar guitar interfaces) in order to use it.

Select from three different amp styles, three different amplifier speaker cabinets, and tweak gain, level, bass, and treble controls just like on real amps. Tones range from classic clean (GREEN amp), to British Crunch (YELLOW amp), and on to Modern Lead (RED amp).

Cabinet choices help sculpt your tone with options from practice amp, to large combo, or half-stack! The gain knob and tone stack controls modeled after real tube amp circuits.

It costs $4.99 and you can get it now from the App Store

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