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This is because we’ve put a hold on guitar related product announcements and related news while we focus our attention on producing new gear guides.

Handy Guitar Guides:

  • The Best Guitar Capos – our recommended selection of the best guitar capos for electric, acoustic, and classical guitars.
  • Best Acoustic Guitar – your guide to the best acoustic guitars separated into beginner, intermediate, and high end models.
  • The Best Acoustic Guitar Tuners – a well researched guide to finding the best tuner for your acoustic guitar
  • Android Apps for Guitar – guide to the best apps for guitarists including, tuners, tab, virtual guitars, and more
  • How Much Is My Guitar Worth? – useful tips and resources to help you find out the value of your guitar
  • Guitar Effects Software – guide to the best commercial and free software for turning your computer or pad device into an effects rack
  • Guitar Amp Attenuators – with these you can play your tube-amp quietly while still getting the same sound you do when it’s fully cranked up!

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