Suspense hollow-body for the ‘liveliest’ sound

Suspense, the latest release from Siegmund Guitars, is a unique hollow-body electric guitar designed to give the liveliest electric sound possible from a small body guitar without the problems associated with conventional hollow-body instruments when amplified.

According to Siegmund, floating braces are suspended inside a hollow body that support the wrap-around bridge, which is not attached to the top like on other guitars.

The pickups receive a quality from the vibrating strings very similar to the lively and dynamic character of acoustic hollow-body guitars. At the same time, the neck and strings generate sustain equivalent to set-neck and neck-through solid body guitars.

The unique design of the Suspense allows for playing in a loud amplified environment without fighting out-of-control droning feedback, yet providing the resonant tone balance of an acoustic instrument.

The Suspense has the appearance of a solidbody guitar but the lively tone from the pickups sounds and feels like a unique semi-acoustic with beautiful sustain. Unplugged it has an unexpected and uniquely responsive sound and feel originating from within and traveling through the entire instrument.

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