Swing-O Handwound Pickups

Jaime Campbell, who makes custom guitars & handwound pickups from ‘The
Creamery’, his workshop in Manchester has just launched his new design of

Based on the old Filtertron style but designed to fit a standard
Humbucker cavity, the first set in the new handwound ‘Swing-O’ range is now

“After looking at modern variants of the old Filtertron style pickups, and
wanting something a little ‘brighter’ but with bite and a modern attack I
came up with these”, Jamie tells us.

A greatly reduced number
of offset winds on each coil provide the air & extra brightness.

The Alnico
5 magnets help keep the attack but being stronger due to their 1/4″ height,
the magnet boosts the output of the lower windings on each coil to give
good attack, and the H-gate chrome covers give that ‘retro’ look.

Swing-O Handwound Pickups

Here’s a demonstration of the picks in action:

More information is available on The Creamery website.

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