T-Rex Nitros Pedal

T-Rex Engineering unveils the new Nitros, a hyper gain distortion pedal that comes with built-in 3-band EQ.

T-Rex Nitros

The pedal features dirt tones that cover mid to high gain settings, while the EQ lets you further tweak the tone to your preference. The most obvious use for the EQ is to scoop the mids for some ’80s style rock tone, or you can emphasize the mids while reducing gain for classic rock voicings.

After glancing at the picture of the pedal, the immediate impression I got was that this is a “metal zone” type pedal, the “hypergain” label and the three equalizer knobs hinted at this. But it appears that I am only half-right, because according to the company, aside from being designed for scooped high-gain distortion, T-Rex Nitros can also handle other distortion styles.

The pedal’s 3-band EQ makes tone shaping possible, T-Rex says that these small knobs allow for a wide range of frequency cutting and boosting, allowing for a wide range of tones. They elaborate saying, “At moderate cutting/boosting, the Nitros lives in guitar hero land but start turning the knobs to the extremes and all kinds of cool tones will emerge. Anything from “Oops, I forgot to turn off my wah” to “Dude, your amp is facing the wall!!!!” is obtainable – the tones you can get are quite diverse if you really go for it!

The EQ knobs provide active cut/boost control of the low, middle and high frequencies. At 12 o’ clock, the knobs will have no effect on your signal. Turning the knobs counterclockwise will allow you to cut the frequencies, while turning the knobs clockwise will boost them. This practical design allows you to bypass the EQ by simply turning all three knobs to the 12 o’ clock position, you can then gradually cut or boost the three frequencies as you deem fit.

The gain knob is said to be capable of producing mid to high-gain dirt tones. T-Rex says that at lower gain settings, you can get Texas boogie-rock style tones, and it gets dirtier as you turn up the gain knob. As you turn up the gain, you’ll go from classic rock to 80’s hair rock and on to modern high-gain tones as you reach the gain knobs maximum level.

The level knob lets you adjust the overall output level of the effect, it works in conjunction with the gain knob to give you subtle variations to the sound and dynamics. Check out the official video demo:

It’s unfortunate that the demo did not showcase the tamer side of the Nitros pedal, but it did focus on its strength – which is over-the-top gain. Does Nitros have what it takes to stand out from among the already crowded dirt pedal marketplace… will find out soon enough.

Pricing information for the new T-Rex Nitros pedal will soon be available. Visit The new T-Rex Engineering for further details.

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