Take Control of your Signal Path with Mini Effect Gizmo

RJM Music have just launched their latest gizmo which allows you to switch any or all of the pedals into your signal path with a single tap of a MIDI controller button.

Mini Effect Gizmo front view
Mini Effect Gizmo rear view

Actually you’re not limited to the pedalboard, you can switch any combination of pedals and rack mounted effects.

The idea is to preserve your tone by completely bypassing any effects in your signal path that you’re not using at that moment in time.

You will need a MIDI footswitch, or any other MIDI controller, to send the switches through to the Mini Effect Gizmo, as it responds to MIDI Program Change and Continuous Controller messages.

Here are some example wiring diagrams to show how you might use the Mini Effect Gizmo:


The MSRP is $369 and you can get more info or buy it at rjmmusic.com/minieffectgizmo.php

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