TC Electronic Ditto X4 Looper

TC Electronic expands their Ditto pedal line up with the new X4 version, with more features and looping possibilities.

Ditto X4 Looper

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The Ditto X4 follows after the design philosophy of the previously released models, retaining the same audio quality and intuitive operation while introducing more looper friendly features.

The size difference alone is pretty telling of what this pedal can do. At around twice the size compared to the X2, this new looper houses more twice the number of foot switches and four times more knobs.

Obviously, this extra number of controls mean more complicated loop functionalities, but the company took extra care to make sure that the X4 can do straightforward basic looping just as well as the smaller versions.

The most notable addition is the availability of 2 independent loop tracks with up to 5 minutes of recording each. They work together with the stereo inputs for expanded looping functionality. It can handle stereo rig setups, or you can utilize another instrument for the 2nd input, allowing for multi-instrument looping without having to unplug and plug. It also makes the Ditto X4 viable for singer-songwriters who are looking for loopers that can handle both guitars and vocal loops independently.

The pedal allows you to switch between basic serial loop mode which plays loop 2 after loop 1, or you can go for sync mode to blend the two independent loops together for some interesting sonic textures and ambience.

Ditto X4 Looper

If that’s not enough, this pedal has more effects than the previously released version, now with 7 loop effects that you can engage on the fly. You can choose between fade, reverse, half, hold and more, all of which are triggered by a dedicated footswitch. Another interesting addition to this looper pedal is the Decay knob, which lets you determine how long it will take for loops to fade, setting this knob to full clockwise setting makes the pedal behave like a regular looper that can abruptly stop loops.

A dedicated stop footswitch is also provided for better realtime control over your loops, which together with the MIDI Sync/CC feature allows for perfectly timed loop breaks and switching. Finally the Ditto X4 has a loop import and export feature for creating, storing and loading pre-recorded backing tracks.

Check out the official video demo:

The new TC Electronic Ditto X4 Loop Pedal is now available with a retail price of $249. You can visit TC Electronic for more information.

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