The Great Martin String Swap and Challenge

Take the challenge of identifying the string types and help the environment by swapping your old strings for new and free Martin SP Lifespan strings.

Broken String

Teaming up with dealers, Martin will be promoting their SP Lifespan Acoustic Guitar Strings.

They have set up The Great Martin String Swap and Challenge at a number of dealers at certain schedules. The challenge has been ongoing and it includes a challenge done at the National Folk Festival in Nashville over the past Labor Day weekend.

The first part, which is the Swap, is where you can bring your old set of strings and swap it for a new set of Martin SP Lifespan strings. It’s like getting gold for your garbage. The good guys at Martin are still sane, so don’t worry and this will run for a limited time. The purpose for this swap, aside from allowing us to try the Martin SP Lifespan Strings, is to raise awareness on the importance of recycling. Think of it as you being good to the earth and being rewarded handsomely at that.

The second part of the event is the Challenge. This is the fun part, where you will be able to play three identical Martin Acoustic Guitars, but with three different types of strings. The challenge is for you to identify which is which. Which is coated, which is traditional or which is treated? Will you be able to live up to how sharp you say your ears are?

Finally the challenge will hopefully lead you to conclude that Martin’s Cleartone string treatment technology takes the cake among the other string types. According to Martin it offers the latest in long-life string technology, when applied to strings, it does not add significant mass unlike other coatings. It also doesn’t shed or flake. The treatment protects the strings from gunk and dirt build up which elongates the strings’ lifespan. While providing protection, it still leaves the windings open with enough room to breath, making the Martin SP Lifespan a set of active and vibrant responsive strings.

Retailers like George’s Music, Daddy’s Junky Music, Sam Ash have already held or scheduled Martin Swap and Challenge events.

For more information about the Great Martin String Swap and Challenge event, head over to

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