The Guitar Drum

Guitar Drum is an interesting attachable add-on for acoustic guitar that produces “cajon” like drum sounds.

The Guitar Drum

This product is currently on Kickstarter, and has been doing pretty well, raising 56% of the goal within a few days of launching their campaign.

Thanks to acoustic guitar virtuosos like Any Mckee and Jon Gomm, reproducing percussion sounds on acoustic guitar have become a technique that many have incorporated into their playing. The obvious drawback for this type of technique is the damage that it may cause to your precious acoustic instrument, and the inconsistent percussion sounds that will differ from guitar to guitar.

This is where the Guitar Drum comes in, addressing the issue of sonic inconsistency and at the same time reducing possible damage to your instrument. As the name implies, this product is designed to add drum sounds to your acoustic guitar, and it does so without the need for permanent modification.

Guitar Drum looks very much like a thick wooden pickguard, which is a great design implementation because it doesn’t change the appearance of the instrument too much. Attaching it to your guitar is as straightforward as it looks, it is basically held in place by a mounting tape. This makes it easy to setup and easy to remove, and it also avoids cosmetic damage to your guitar.

Once attached, you no longer have to tap your guitar at various locations to create drum sounds. You only have to tap on the Guitar Drum to reproduce consistent bass and snare sounds, much like how a cajon works. This simplifies the technique required and helps reduce the learning curve for players that want to try adding percussive sounds to their solo acoustic playing.

To ensure consistency, the designer incorporated a snare mechanism within the compact pickguard like unit. This makes it sound very much like an acoustic beatbox or cajon. Check out the video below, it demonstrates one of the many possible ways to incorporate Guitar Drum to your playing.

Guitar Drum currently comes in three types of wood – Poplar, Mango and Koa, left handed versions are also available. For more information on their Kickstarter Campaign, and for more video demos, head over to the Kickstarter page.

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