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    Valve Series Standard: Pure vintage, boutique amp design with enough volume to fill the stage. The Valve Series Standard brings Class A, all tube, hand-crafted design together with crystal clear DSP to create the ultimate vintage performance amp. Suited for live or studio use, the Valve Standard is LOUD. But loud should still sound great and, unlike most high output amplifiers, the Standard delivers.

    With the same musical pre-amp as the Valve Special, it also performs with incredible clarity and control at lower volumes. Most important of all, Epiphone designed the Standard first as an amazing tube amplifier, and then added DSP that would offer seamless flexibility without intruding on tone. Choose to use it and you simply activate the DSP section, turn a knob and play. No menus, no lag times.

    Choose not to use it, and well, it’s quietly waiting there in case you change your mind. And because we’re guitars players, we know better than to make reverb more than just one of the 16 DSP selections; so you can always access reverb with or without the DSP activated, it works separately on its own with its own level control.

    • 15W Class A
    • Push-Pull
    • 12AX7, EL84
    • 16 DSP Selections
    • Separate DSP Reverb
    • Gutsy, Musical Preamp Section
    • 12” Special Design Speaker
    • 8 Ohm Speaker Out
    • 2 Button Footswitch (optional) for DSP/Rev On/Off

    The Valve Standard uses true vintage design philosophies to achieve incredible tone, warmth and responsiveness. Add that to Epiphone’s ongoing mission to deliver the best value in fine instruments and you’ve got an unbeatable combination. At 15W, Class A, the Valve Standard combines the ability to be incredibly loud with the ability to perform brilliantly at any volume level.

    Class A, Push-Pull: Simple controls deliver Class A output through a push-pull circuit that responds to your play with immediate responsiveness. Class A amplification delivers constant power from the tube, creating more meaningful tonality at any volume.

    Class A architecture allows the Valve Standard to perform as an all out rock amp, driving your tone with rich, harmonic-laden gain. Or, use it at lower volumes to achieve crisp, punchy jazz without the harsh overtones of “high-gain” amps designed to be played at 10 or not played at all. Somewhere in between is a richly textured blues tone that delivers your play with all the feeling your fingers can squeeze out.

    Durable Construction: High quality metalwork, detachable power cable, rugged, musical speaker and a lot of attention to detail make the Valve Standard an uncompromised and serious piece of gear. A 5 year warranty backs up our commitment.

    16 DSP selections provide a tight range of clean, useful effect selections that can be combined with the separate DSP Reverb. Use both, one or none, depending on what you need. The Valve Standard was designed for guitarists to be easy to use, functional, and scaleable as well as a great value. An optional footswitch (part number EPA-FSV) keeps your hands free to make music when you want to turn your effects on and off.

    Plug in an 8 ohm extension speaker when you need to fill larger spaces.

    Check it Out: Your favorite authorized Epiphone dealer is ready and waiting to help you add the Epiphone Valve Standard to your tone arsenal. At this value, you don’t have to wait any longer. CLICK HERE to find a dealer in your area.

    See the Entire Valve Series HERE

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