The Tremma – Vibrato for Electric Guitars

While flicking channels last night I came across an episode of 'The New Inventors', which is a show where 3 new, never before seen inventions are demonstrated and examined by host James O'Loghlin and a 3 member judging panel. The second invention of the episode was a neat little product from Australian man Allan Rice, called The Tremma.

From The New Inventors website:

The Tremma vibrato bridge creates vibrato for electric guitars and suits all genres of music. By simply quivering the palm of your picking or strumming hand lightly on the Tremma, the player is able to get vibrato on open notes, harmonics and full chords. The Tremma is a screw on solution that will fit guitars using the 8mm metric screw-hole system (about half the world’s hard-tail guitars) and give players more choice in the guitar they play. In addition to its ease of use, the advantage of the Tremma is that you don’t have to drill any holes into your guitar to install it.

It Retro fits all Tuneomatic, or Tone Pros bridge type and stoptail guitar setups, with metric 8mm post hole ferrules both front and back.

Price: RRP AUD$159.00

Video Demo:

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