The Twelve Days of AXE-Mas – 12 Guitars To Be Won

Premier Guitar announces its “Twelve Days of AXE-Mas” promotion which features a total of 12 guitar giveaways (six electric guitars and six acoustic guitars) during the month of December. “Twelve Days of AXE-Mas will run from December 1 through December 25 with a new guitar giveaway will featured every other day on

Twelve Days of AXE-Mas

The giveaway prizes consist of guitars made by B.C. Rich, Carvin, Epiphone, Flaxwood, Ibanez, MusicMan, Ovation, Recording King, Schecter,Seagull, Tanglewood, and Washburn. Winners will be selected via random drawing on the second day of each contest at 4 PM CST and will be posted at

List of giveaways:

-December 1: Carvin C980T12 12-string

-December 3: B.C. Rich Eagle Archtop

-December 5: Tanglewood TW15-H-B

-December 7: Schecter Ultra II DVS

-December 9: Ovation Standard Balladeer 1861AX-5

-December 11: Washburn XMSTD2TNG

-December 13: Recording King ROS-626 12-fret 000

-December 15: Flaxwood DMZ-H Vasara

-December 17: Epiphone Dave Navarro Acoustic/Electric

-December 19: Ibanez RGA8

-December 21: Seagull S6 Cedar Slim

-December 23: Ernie Ball/Music Man Silhouette Special

The first 4 guitars have already been given away – so hurry if you want to enter (Giveaways are open to U.S. and Canada residents only).

Go to for details.

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