Thomas Corbishley Guitars introduces the Takoba Handmade electric guitar

Thomas Corbishley Guitars has announced the availability of the Takoba handmade electric guitar. The Takoba combines gorgeous looks, stunning tones and exceptional playing performance in a uniquely designed instrument.

The Takoba C-1

Two variations of the model, the C-1 and C-2, are available. Both feature a mahogany body, maple through-neck and ebony fingerboard. The guitars incorporate Steinberger gearless tuners, an active EMG pickup system and chrome hardware. The Takoba C-1 is fitted with a Schaller fixed bridge. The Takoba C-2 is equipped for the most extreme playing and is fitted with a Schaller Floyd Rose tremolo bridge and locking nut.

The Takoba C-2

An ergonomically designed body provides excellent upper fret access and allows for exceptionally comfortable playing. The guitars are available in a range of metallic colors and are finished with polished nitrocellulose lacquer. Customization options are available on request.


Takoba C-1 = $2500

Takoba C-2 = $2800

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