TV Jones announces Model 10 Guitar

TV Jones is now releasing their second production model, a single cut-away solid body guitar dubbed the Model 10.Compared to the Spectra Sonic (TV Jones’ first production model) the Model 10 is stripped down to the bare essentials. It's constructed with a wood called Obeche (pronounced Oh-Bee-Chee) discovered by Jones. The body and neck are both made of Obeche–it's very transparent, which translates well when you plug it in.

Model 10 Guitar

There are several options including a single, bridge pickup version, as well as a B5 vibrato version with two pickups. The body size is small and streamlined (similar to a Les Paul Jr.) and has a durable, thin polyurethane finish with no gloss. It is available in 4 colors: matte black, toffee burst, metallic ice blue and crimson red

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