Ultrawave Multimedia Studios releases Ultrawave Guitar Racks v1.0

Ultrawave Guitar Racks is a live guitar effects processor, which adds effects to your guitar in real time. Asio: v2 is supported for low latency recording and playback. Create, load and save your own guitar effects stacks, you can arrange the racks in the order you want, and have up to 12 racks per stack. There's 27 Racks, which include 21 professional guitar effects, 6 tools, and 40 presets to play with.

If your looking for completely new effects, try the guitar synthesizer rack, which when used in combination with the other effects, such as chorus, phaser, and reverb can produce some very interesting and refreshingly different sounds. Adjusting the wet / dry mix allows you to make the effected sound more or less natural. The multi band echo (also called a spectral delay) can produce anything from unusual wah type sounds to sci-fi laser noises, as well as an arpeggio effect, and dynamically filtered echoes. The guitar's sound is split into anything from 4 to 60 frequency bands, each band is delayed by an increasing or decreasing amount depending on the direction setting.

This is very different from the usual echo effects that are around. The multi band distortion which creates a very rich and wide sound and allows you to control the amount of distortion in the bass, mid, and treble ranges. This is a hi-gain effect so it's great for rock and metal. There is a multi band echo built into this effect which can be used to further enrich the effected sound. An analogue harmonic analyser shows what makes a guitar sound the way it does. The first 5 harmonics can be easily seen when a string is playing, and the note's pitch and the pitch of its harmonics can be read from the analyser's musical scale. The analyser is also very useful for tuning a guitar, when the sidebands of the first large band are level this indicates that the note is in tune.

A signal generator is included which can be used to see how effects work, and to get a better understanding of how to make better presets. Passing a test tone through an effect and then watching the spectrum analyser reveals what that effect is doing to the guitars sound. The signal generator can also be used to create an infinite number of special effects, which can be used in albums, or videos.

With the wave player and recorder you can play backing tracks, and play along with them, using effects, while recording and then save final result to a file.


– 27 professional guitar racks.

– 40 cool effect presets.

– Load and save your own presets

– Guitar tuner.

– Guitar synthesizer

– Spectral delay

– Wave player, and recorder

– Wave editor

– Spectrum analyser.

– Signal generator

– 32 bit floating point DSP

– 24 bit Sampling up to 192KHz

– ASIO (TM) v2 is supported.

For more information, please visit www.ultrawavestudios.co.uk

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