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    Bill Champlin’s New Solo CD/DVD “No Place Left to Fall” is FANTASTIC!

    Probably the best unknown vocalist (with Chicago for 28 years) is also a multi-instrumentalist who plays piano, Hammond B3, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, and is also a songwriter. I’ve been a fan of Bill Champlin since the Sons of Champlin played the Fillmore West in 1970! He is truly a musician’s musician.

    Now that he’s finally left the band Chicago, he will be doing a solo tour later in the year to support his solo release, called “No Place Left to Fall”. He will no doubt put on an amazing show with all the great new material on this CD.

    Here is a review from an Amazon user:
    5 Stars: “Thirteen Years is Not Too Long to Wait for this Fantastic CD”
    Review originally Submitted to Amazon by SDParker7

    “Bill Champlin wears the mantle of a musician’s musician. He’s a studio wizard. He’s an in-demand vocal stylist and arranger. He shows up in places you’d expect–Toto CDs or on albums from other west coast musicians–and places you may not expect–from Amy Grant’s 1988 “Lead Me On,” Paulinho Da Costa’s 1978 album “Happy People.” He sang the theme song for the TV show “In the Heat of the Night.” He’s won Grammy’s for writing (Earth, Wind, and Fire’s “After the Love Has Gone” and George Bensen’s “Turn Your Love Around”). And he’s virtually unknown to the general public.

    Speaking of riffs, this Champlin dude can tear it up on rhythm guitar. Not like Van Halen or any of those guys who play thousands of notes per minute. (Remember the Emperor in Amadeus: “Too many notes.”) I’m talking about a competent musician who knows the instrument, what it can do, and, most importantly, how it can compliment the song in question or his singing. I know Champlin collaborated with long-time friend Bruce Gaitsch (the iTunes download does not include liner notes) but I don’t know which songs on which he actually plays guitar. But any Chicago concertgoer of the past couple of years where Champlin got out from behind the keyboard and strapped on a guitar knows what the man can do. And he does it well here.

    One interesting acoustic guitar-based piece on the new album is “Look Away.” Yes, it’s the same song that went to #1 in 1988 and was transformed into an acoustic rendition on the 1995 Night and Day tour.”

    “No Place Left to Fall” has an amazing list of contributors performing including: Bruce Gaitsch, George Hawkins, Jr., Billy Ward, Mark Eddinger, Steve Lukather, Peter Cetera, Michael English, Tamara Champlin, Will Champlin and Keith Howland.

    Champlin has worked with Chicago for 28 years (Champlin was on lead vocals on their famous tune “Look Away”), Patti LaBelle, Lou Rawls, Elton John, Boz Scaggs, Donna Summer, Nancy Wilson, George Benson, Jimmy Smith, Amy Grant, Neil Diamond, Kenny Rogers, Jason Scheff of Chicago, Toto’s Bobby Kimball and Joseph Williams; and is in the top of the classic rock, AAA, A/C heritage artists.

    Check it out here:

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